Remembering St. Oscar Romero

The selection in 1977 of Oscar Romero as archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, delighted the country’s oligarchy as much as it disappointed the activist clergy of the archdiocese. No one could have predicted that in three years he would be called the “voice of the voiceless.” He spoke on behalf of the poor and repressed and for that, he was killed while saying Mass in the Chapel of the Carmelite Sisters cancer hospital.
St. Romero was canonized by Pope Francis on October 14, 2018.

His tomb is in the crypt of the Cathedral in San Salvador. It is visited by thousands each year, both Salvadorans and others from around the world whose lives have been touched by his deep faith and witness to the Gospel.

Resources on St. Oscar Romero:

Movie: “Romero” Watch on YouTube

Martyrdom is a grace I don’t believe I am worthy of. But if God accepts the

sacrifice of my life, may my blood be a seed of liberty and the sign that hope will

become a reality.”


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