Prayer for children immigrating alone

Mary, you traveled alone to reach the loving embrace
Of your beloved family member.
Elizabeth welcomed your with
Open arms and an open heart.

Be with those children
Who are traveling across borders
To seek solace with family.
Protect them from exploitation
And from traumatizing experiences.

Teach us by the example of the Visitation.
Grant us open arms and open hearts
To receive children trying to find the way
To a new, life-giving home.

Guide our Church’s efforts to advocate for reform
Of the U.S. immigration process
So all families can be reunited in safety and security,
Without fear of terror.

Mary, Mother of the human family,
Help us end the misery of children separated from family
By man-made borders, but not by love.

May they arrive as you did,
To joy and to the benediction
Of a loving embrace. Amen. (Education for Justice)

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