Baptism at St. Aloysius Church

St. Aloysius Parish joyfully welcomes all parents and families!

You are a blessing to our community. Parents who wish to bring their child (up to age 7) to the Sacrament of Baptism will find support and encouragement here, including Baptismal preparation sessions that focus on the symbols and parent intentions for Baptism.

St. Aloysius schedules Baptism weekends several times throughout the year. These enable the entire parish community to witness the celebration, welcome these children into the Church, and support the parents in their desire to bring their children to fullness in Christ. The Baptism preparation sessions for parents take place in the week preceding the baptism weekend.


Baptisms will be scheduled ONLY on preset dates (listed below). Each family will have a separate service, with up to 6 baptism services scheduled per date. Each family and their guests *must* wear masks. Each household must sit 6 feet away from each other. Pews will be wiped down between each service. The sacrament will be celebrated with clean sacramentals (oils & water) as well as clean towels. When you register for a Baptism service, a full list of protocols will be sent to you.

Spring 2021 Baptism Preparation Sessions and Liturgy Dates

Baptism Liturgy

Exact date and time will be selected about a month before each baptism weekend.

**There will be no baptisms scheduled during the weekend after Thanksgiving

**There will be no additional baptisms scheduled during Advent or the week following Christmas

**There will be no baptisms scheduled during Lent or Easter Weekend

Contact Us

For more information and schedule of Baptism dates and preparation sessions for parents, please contact Michele Lassiter by phone, or email.

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