St. Aloysius Parish Marriage Process

St. Aloysius staff extends warmest wishes for a blessed preparation experience as couples begin the planning process of entering into a sacramental union. Our Marriage Policies reflect pastoral concern and deep appreciation for the sanctity of a lifetime commitment.

Basic Criteria:

To begin the process:

  1. Please read the St. Aloysius Wedding Policy 
  2. Contact Ann Smith at to confirm your desired wedding date availability.
  3. Once you have contacted Ann, please complete the Preliminary Marriage Inquiry Form and submit deposit payment.
  4. Ann will reach out to you once she has received the Preliminary Marriage Inquiry Form to schedule an appointment.
Important: You must be in communication with the presider of your marriage before attempting to reserve your wedding date. If you have already spoken with your presider and you have mutually agreed on a date, please contact Ann to make sure your date is available and then complete the Preliminary Marriage Inquiry Form. If you are not a parishioner or bringing in an outside presider, you must approach your presider or parish pastor about marriage preparation. If you need assistance finding a presider, please let Ann know.

Marriage Documents:

Nuptial File Documents:

Prenuptial Investigation: The Pre-Nuptial Investigation form is a preliminary inventory that should be completed by the presider/parish minister who prepares you for marriage. This may include documentation regarding declaration of nullity or verification of a spouse’s death by providing an original death certificate.
Baptismal Certificates: Please obtain recent copies of your baptismal certificates from the churches where each of you was baptized (even if you were not baptized Catholic). These certificates need to be issued within the last six months and include notations of any sacraments received thereafter.
Freedom to Marry Affidavits: Both partners are required to obtain affidavits from close family members or friends affirming that you are free to marry in the Catholic Church. These affidavits should attest that you have never been married before, or if you have, that those marriages have been annulled.
Premarital Preparation Certificate: Completion of a premarital preparation course is mandatory (FOCCUS, Better Together, Beloved, etc.). If you have already participated in a course, please submit the certificate of completion as well as the actual assessment and any forms you completed. If a non-St. Aloysius Priest will be presiding at your wedding, they are responsible for your wedding preparation. We can assist by providing you with information about available courses and counseling if needed.
We recommend that you attend an Engaged Encounter weekend to deepen your faith and commitment. These weekends are offered throughout the year in multiple cities. In Spokane, the location is at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center. Spokane Engaged Encounter.
We also recommend that you take a course in Natural Family Planning. The course is offered through Providence (Natural Family Planning | Providence). To learn more or to register for classes, call 509-474-2400 or email:
Letter from priest/pastoral minister summarizing marriage preparation
Permission/dispensation for marriage of Catholic and non-Catholic: (Pastors may grant this permission/dispensation for a marriage celebrated in his Parish; otherwise, the permission/dispensation is requested from the Chancery) – Only required if one of the parties is a non-Catholic or requires dispensation for another reason.
State of Washington civil marriage license: You will also need to obtain a marriage license from the State of Washington. You can apply for this license online. You can obtain this license from any County within Washington. Please note that you can apply for your marriage license 60 days prior to your wedding date. You MUST have obtained the license within 3 days of your wedding as the State has a 3-day waiting period. It is required that you bring to your rehearsal the marriage certificate, license, and return envelope issued by the County.
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