Caring for Creation: Worm composting

Vermicomposting  Submitted by Dave Duncan, member of the Caring for Creation Committee MAKE [or purchase] A WORM BIN – The container should be shallow [8”–12” deep], yet large enough for the amount of kitchen trimmings [waste] you produce. ADD BEDDING – Many materials make good worm bedding, including shredded newspaper [black ink only], shredded corrugated […]

Caring for Creation: Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Reflection: Sr. Sue Orlowski, SP, Caring for Creation Committee Member I have been a member of the Xerces Society for five years. Its focus is the conservation of pollinators which include bumble and solitary bees, wasps, butterflies, and moths.Because of the pandemic, I expanded my pollinator garden. During 2020, I had at least 10 species […]

Caring for Creation: Spokane River & the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer

PrayerCreator God, our source of Living Water,together with the rivers, wells and springs, we bless and praise your name.In ages past, you led your people to freedom through the waters of the Red Seaand you provided them with water from the rock in the desert.We thank you for the precious gift of water.On this Easter […]