Caring for Creation: Spokane River & the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer


Creator God, our source of Living Water,
together with the rivers, wells and springs, we bless and praise your name.
In ages past, you led your people to freedom through the waters of the Red Sea
and you provided them with water from the rock in the desert.
We thank you for the precious gift of water.
On this Easter Sunday, we celebrate water–the living water of baptism
and the water that quenches our daily thirst.
Help us be grateful—
and be mindful of those who struggle every day
to secure clean water for their families.
We ask this in your name. Amen.

Reflection: Lindsay Gilbert, Caring for Creation Committee Member

In our Common Home, the Spokane River and Aquifer are our life-giving water. 

The aquifer is our sole source of drinking water. The river provides hydroelectric power, habitat, recreation, and drives economic and tourist activity. 

The river and aquifer interact for almost the entire river reach. At some locations, the aquifer is recharged by the river seeping into it, at other locations the aquifer discharges into the river. What we do to the river, we do to our water, we do to our Common Home. 

The health of the Spokane River currently faces many challenges. Low oxygen levels, high levels of PCBs and toxic metals, and contaminated runoff are a few of the issues that are bad for fish and the quality of the river. 

There are steps you can take to improve the Spokane River: 

Keep learning – be aware and thankful for these resources in your daily life. Additional information can be found through the Department of Ecology and the Spokane Riverkeeper.


» Improving the Spokane River
» Spokane Riverkeepers

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