Newly initiated adults ‘savor the mysteries’


Throughout the Easter season, our neophytes – the newly initiated adults – will engage in the fourth period of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults called mystagogy, a Greek word meaning “to savor the mysteries.” The group will continue to reflect on their journey of faith and discuss with each other what it means for each of them to live as Catholic Christians. It is important for us to unpack the daily and ongoing mysteries of our faith, especially after the high celebratory joy of Easter Vigil begins to wane and they “come down the mountain.” These kinds of discussions are not new to this group, who have been asking and answering deep and challenging questions throughout their time together.

We invite you to pray and reflect with our neophytes. In the Easter season we renew our Baptismal promises at mass. Recall your own Baptism, whether you were an infant or as adult, and ponder how your response to these promises have grown or changed since then. We invite you to pray with these or similar words:

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"Stitching Love, Weaving Hope: "Quilters with a Cause"

St. Al’s Best-Kept Secret 

Monday mornings: 7:30 a.m. -11:00 a.m

St. Al’s quilters enthusiastically get together in O’Malley Hall and produce two finished quilts a week. 
These quilts are donated to charities, schools, and community centers. If you want to help iron, cut, sew, pin, etc. (no experience necessary), come down to O’Malley Hall.