Thank you for your ministry, Mike Tedone


Mike Tedone, S.J., our Jesuit Scholastic who has been ministering with us this past year, is moving on to graduate studies at the Jesuit School of Theology in California.

We are grateful to you, Mike, and pray for blessings on your life journey in vowed ministry. Your talents have enhanced our work and spiritual lives here, whether through the Spiritual Exercises, with our young adults, or with our parish. Your work with GU’s department of Mission and Ministry, your presence at our Masses, and especially your oversight of SEEL’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and of course your work with this year’s SEEL retreatants and our spiritual directors.

You have blessed us with your love of your vocation and commitment to Christ’s call.

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"Stitching Love, Weaving Hope: "Quilters with a Cause"

St. Al’s Best-Kept Secret 

Monday mornings: 7:30 a.m. -11:00 a.m

St. Al’s quilters enthusiastically get together in O’Malley Hall and produce two finished quilts a week. 
These quilts are donated to charities, schools, and community centers. If you want to help iron, cut, sew, pin, etc. (no experience necessary), come down to O’Malley Hall.