Second Scrutinies for RCIA Elect

In the Scrutinies for RCIA we always use the A Cycle readings and during the Second Scrutiny we listen to the story of the man born blind. The man who is healed of his blindness regains his sight immediately, but gradually grows to see as Christ sees. 

In the fall during the Rite of Acceptance and Welcome, the eyes of those entering RCIA were signed by their sponsors as we prayed, “Receive the sign of the cross on your eyes, that they may see the glory of God.” Through the past year of formation and growth and through their experiences with this community of faith, those in RCIA have also grown in understanding of what they see—who the man Jesus was, the prophetic words he spoke, his unique relationship with the Father, and his identity as Lord.

Join us in prayer and reflection with the readings for the Second ScrutinyWhat have you been blind to? How have your eyes been opened to see Christ’s Truth?

Candidates Emily (left) & LaJuan (right) are pictured here after the Rite of Election with their Sponsors.

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