RCIA Elect participate in First Scrutinies

This weekend our RCIA Elect are participating in the first of 3 Scrutinies this Lent. But what are Scrutinies?
The Scrutinies lead the Elect and all of us to open the eyes of our hearts and souls, so we can see what is truly good. We & the Elect are invited to look inward to see how sin works in our own lives, in order to turn away from it, and walk into the light of Christ. 
Join us in prayer and reflection with the readings for the First Scrutiny. For what are you thirsting in this 3rd week of Lent? Please keep our Catechumens and Candidates in your prayers throughout Lent.

Meet the candidates:

Candidates Boone (left) & Kyron (right) are pictured here after the Rite of Election with their fiancés who are also standing with them as their Sponsors. 

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