Prayer & Reflection on Homelessness


God our Creator,
unite our voices in a call for justice;
so that no man need ever lay down for the night
on a wooden park bench because he has no home;
so that no woman need ever tuck her children
into the backseat of her car because she has no home;
so that no child need ever wonder,
“Where will I feel safe?” because he has no home;
so that all who wander and all who are in need,
find the shelter and the peace they seek.

Remind us, O God, that we cannot rest
fully secure in our homes each night
until all your children are, at last, home. Amen. (Rabbi Andrea Goldstein)

(Homeless Jesus, by Timothy Schmaltz. Photo Credit: Phil Nash from Wikimedia Commons)


“Hidden in Plain Sight: Fighting Homelessness in Spokane”

Catholic Charities: “Hard Questions and Important Answers about Chronic Street Homelessness in Downtown Spokane” (

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