Caring for Creation Fair 2


Rita Amberg Waldref

Educational Opportunities

Personal and Spiritual Growth based on the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching

Exploring Migration: An 8 week series from JustFaith Ministries.

JustFilms: A morning series throughout the year.

Gatherings/Retreats for JustFaith/Engaging Spirituality Grads, Caring for Creation members, and former delegates to our Sister Community.

Understanding Islam: The Sultan and the Saint (DVD), October 24th. 

Urban Dip with prep session (November 30th, 2018) is an opportunity to encounter homeless and poor people in their urban environment. Facilitated by Barry Barfield, a theology teacher at Gonzaga Prep. 

Caring for Creation Fair (April 27 & 28, 2019)

 Social Ministry Book Group

Social Ministry Library: A variety of social ministry themed books for check out. Located in the office of Rita Amberg Waldref.