Mission Statement

Rooted in Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching and guided by the principles of the Earth Charter, we affirm our commitment to environmental stewardship and seek to:

  • Inspire a reverence for God’s creation and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life;
  • Educate ourselves and others to increase awareness of our impact on the environment;
  • Encourage practices of daily living that conserve natural resources and enhance the quality of our natural environment;
  • Advocate in our parish, community, nation and world for policies and practices that support environmental sustainability.

Environmental Agenda for 2018-2019

  1. Soup, Bread and DVD/Speaker events. (Nov. 3 and March 2)
  2. Caring for Creation Fair. (April 22/23)
  3. Eastern WA Legislative Session (Feb 2)
  4. Spokane River panel (Early Nov)
  5. The Lands Council – Spokane River Cleanup (Sept 15)
  6. Nature Walks with Sr. Sue (Sept 22)
  7. Twilight Retreat (Feb 11)