St. Aloysius Stained Glass Window Project Scope

This project addresses three elements:

1: Repair of the stained glass windows as outlined in section 1.1.

2: Replacement of the existing clear protective glass installed on the outside of the church over the stained glass windows as outlined below in section 2.1.

(1.1) Interior Stained Glass windows:  Repair and cleaning of the stained glass windows (without removal) to re-lead/re-cement loose pieces, flatten bulges, repair cracks, add steel bracing when missing, & re-setting into the wood framing as needed.

(2.1) Exterior Protective Glass:  Replacement of glass which protects the inner stained glass from damage by weather and minor vandalism.  This will include removal of all old glass and replacement with ¼” clear glass as well as new exterior aluminum vented framework which will have a baked-on painted finish in the same existing cream color we have today.  The remaining existing wood framing will be painted to match with high quality exterior paint.

3: Replacement of any non-stained glass windows

80% of the project will involve the restoration of the stained glass.


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Current Appearance:

The church which was dedicated in 1911 is now over a century old and over the many years the exterior protective glass pieces have been replaced as needed.  The result however is that there are many states of condition with visible cracks and water mineral deposits as well as textures from smooth to fluted to rippled to crackled often all within the same window which greatly diminishes the appearance.  The beauty of the stained glass as seen from inside the church is lessened with poor clarity and brightness of the stained glass.  Little to no work has been done to the stained glass windows themselves over the years and there is a lot of loose pieces and some cracks to be repaired and secured.  Since 2011 they are however cleaned on the inside as part of the interior restoration process when painting is completed nearby with tall access lifts.  The photos below give an example of the various issues of the protective glass.  You can click on any photos to see them large. 

Stained Glass Window Projects