Rain Gutter Downspouts

Rain Gutter Downspouts – 2013

You can imagine the amount of rain water coming off the roof of this large structure. Over the years some of the original downspouts split their seams and leaked water. Ice and the ash from the eruption of Mount St. Helen caused all sorts of problems as well. Some also rusted though and complete replacement was needed. Before installation began however the dry wells where the water goes underground had to be replaced. The old ones were either filled with debris and sediment, collapsed or effectively non-existent. There was simply no place for the water to go.  Several new wells and piping were placed underground around the church and since the process involved digging up some sidewalks these were also replaced. On the exterior brick walls, complete removal and replacement of 20 units totaling 700 feet of downspout piping and fittings were required and like everything, it has to have the right look. Their fluted design is the same as original. Several semi-unrelated work was also completed during this time including repairs to brick mortar, clearing of gutter and downspout entry debris, and redressing of valleys with heat tape.