Pulpit and connecting stairs – 2013

The marble pulpit has been moved a couple times. As seen in old photos, during the first few decades it was about 3 feet to the west of its present position and had a straight-on stair entry. When it was moved to is present position it was set a bit close to the wall. For many years it had a simple, poorly made and uneven wood stairway with red carpet. In late 2012 it was discussed to update the pulpit and stairs.  Moving it away from the wall was deemed too risky as damaging it beyond repair was very possible. It’s estimated to weigh roughly 7000lbs.  In late 2012/early 2013, the stairway was replaced with a redesigned easier to use and wider layout made of matching marble. The entry to the pulpit itself was also widened which provides easier access. The book base was redesigned to look like an open book and is also made of marble and has an integrated concealed microphone connection. The stairway also received a new railing which is powder-coated (a very hard wearing paint process).  Sanctuary side stair railings were also powder coated at that time to match.

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