Interior Paint

Interior Painting

The interior of the church is filled with many architectural features. The upper wall detail and main arch over the altar feature various plaster design elements such as dentils, corbels, acanthus leaves, egg and dart, & sausage and berry among the interesting and unusual names. There are over a hundred thousand repeating patterns of some of these elements.
There are 15 different colors including 3 types of gold (not including gold leaf appliqué). Some colors are glazed and different techniques are used to provide an original appearance. This is a very time consuming process. To access most of the high areas, a very tall lift or long ladders are required. When the high arch over the altar was painted in 2011, a unique spider lift was utilized which provided access to the 50 foot-plus tall area.

It is possible to over-restore something. Flat plaster areas for example have various defects that were formed as part of the creation of the church. If these areas are overly smoothed over the aged patina look of a century old church would look too modern. Cracks and other defects are dealt with of course but otherwise an effort to retain the old classic look of 1909 is carefully performed.

There is much work still to do and is gradually being completed as time and other projects permit.