Front Entry Porch and Stairs

Front entry porch and stairs – 2013 – 2014

The exterior entry to the church is important.  It sets the tone and feel of entering such a beautiful sacred place.  In June of 2013 the front granite stairs received much needed work. The century old red brick supporting structure under the stairs deteriorated due to moisture and age, and when the granite steps tilted inward this allow more water to enter the supports which accelerated the failure. The new supports are concrete blocks of a much larger size and filled with concrete. The original granite stairs were removed one by one and put aside while this work was completed. Once the supports were recreated, the stairs were reset in a consistent ‘rise and tread’ arrangement giving a much improved, safer, and better appearance to last a very long time.  This really was one of the projects you have to complete every 100 years.

The porch top was originally a full step height shorter. This meant you had to step down as you exited the doors which was causing a lot of people to stumble. In 2014 a new top was created to the same level as the interior foyer. The surface was coated and colored in a durable material in the same basic pattern as the original.   The railings were also reworked and reused as well as powder coated for long life.

A couple years prior to all this the roof material of the porch was replaced and the front facing received some much needed work as well. The frontage and ceiling has been repainted. The churches main entry now looks proper and will last a very long time.

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