Annual Novena of Grace March 4-12

The St. Aloysius Novena of Grace, a long-standing tradition, continues in March with a theme of “Hope for Uncertain Times.”

Nine days of reflection, prayer and presentations designed to help us draw
closer to God through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier. It begins March 4 and ends March 12, the anniversary of the canonization of St. Francis Xavier. Novena Masses with guest speakers will be each day at 7pm. with the exception of Sunday, March 7, when the speakers will be at all Sunday Masses. Each day’s theme is listed below.

Those watching from home can add their petitions in the comments at the bottom of this page.

March 4
The Lush Green Hills of Hope
Grace I pray for today: That within the terrain of my heart, I will find hope for these uncertain times.

March 5
Forgiveness, Allowing Hope to Emerge
Forgiveness inspires hope to emerge.

March 6
Hope Transforms
Drawing on the story of the Prodigal Son, we consider how hope calls us not simply to rearrange but to radically transform our way of living as individuals and communities as we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 7
Second Chances… New Beginnings at the Wellspring of Hope 
In uncertain times, may I draw from the resilient source deep within, the wellspring of my hope.

March 8
Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary 
Experiencing God through the little things in our ordinary lives.

March 9
Hope in Gratitude
How do our experiences of God’s love and mercy, especially in Eucharist and Reconciliation, fill us with gratitude and, in turn, hope?

March 10
Hope For and With the Next Generation
Moses instructs the people to teach their children and their children’s children. As we teach our next generation, let us also be open to what they have to teach us.

March 11
Hope for Unity
Jesus invites us to look towards unity and common action. How is Jesus calling us to see the Spirit bringing us together, rather than dividing us?

March 12
“… and grace will lead us home.”
I pray I am not far from God’s Kingdom of Hope!


St. Francis Xavier Novena Prayer

Most lovable and loving St. Francis Xavier, in union with you, I adore the Divine Majesty. The remembrance of the favors with which God blest you during life and of your glory after death, fills me with joy; and I unite with you in offering to God my tribute of thanksgiving and praise. I implore you to secure for me through your powerful intercession, the great blessing of living and dying in the state of grace. I also beseech you to obtain the favors I ask in this novena (silent pause for individual petitions). But if what I ask is not for the glory of God or the good of my soul, obtain for me what is most conducive for both. Amen.

Xavier’s Prayer

Eternal God, Creator of all things. You created unbelievers to your image and likeness. Jesus Christ, your only Son, for their salvation suffered a most cruel death. United with the prayers of your saints and of the Church, the most holy spouse of your Son, bring them to know Him, whom you have sent. Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who is health, life, and resurrection, through whom we have been redeemed and saved. To whom be all glory forever. Amen.


Novena Petitions

If you are joining us for the Novena from home, please use the comment box below to write your Novena petitions and prayers. We will select some of these prayers below to read during the Novena Masses. 

34 thoughts on “Annual Novena of Grace March 4-12”

  1. St Francis please pray for my brother Luke n healing for his foot n good health for all my family and for my husband to stop gambling and for our work n to have income

  2. For a dear friend about to undergo yet another clinical trial treatment for her cancer she has journeyed w for three years. May God give her hope and strength as she seeks healing and serenity.

  3. Dear Lord, Thank you for the many graces I have received through past novenas! Through the intercession of St. Francis, please help my children and their spouses–& all young married couples–through this period of their lives. May they deepen their faith in You, strengthen their marriages, and use Your grace to better parent their young children and care for others in their professions. I love You, Lord Jesus!

  4. St Francis please pray for my healing n for our family to get enrolled in Spokane tribe and to have work be healthy and safe and for my work n for my business to be profitable and my feet n hands to heal n loose weight and for people my family to stop gambling addictions

  5. For my mom, as she starts chemo treatment next week, that her pain subside, that the stage 4 cancer diminish, for healing, and for fear and anxiety to be released from her body. For an overwhelming sense of peace for both her and my dad as we undergo this difficult time.

    1. Thank you for the many graces and favors received through past Novena’s.
      Through the intercession of St Francis please help my oldest son find meaningful employment and return to a productive life. Help him with his pain, addictions and mental problems. Help me to discern how much to help him financially.

  6. For our Salvadoran interpreter and friend, Cristy, as she mourns the unexpected loss of her husband. Give her the strength and peace to deal with the burdens of losing a spouse and raising her young son on her own. I also pray for John’s soul. Thank you St. Francis Xavier!

  7. For all those who have lost a beloved person in their life this past year. Help us to remember they are always with us and resting in God’s comfort. I pray for all their souls through your intercession St. Francis Xavier and peace for those who mourn. Amen!

  8. For my husband who died from Covid, May he have eternal rest with the Lord. And for our grieving family. May we find peace and solace.

  9. Please pray that my husband gets past his frustration over Covid and sees hippie at the end of this tunnel he is in. Thank you for prayers answered.

  10. For healing and support for all survivors of acts of hate and violence, and for young people tempted to join racist groups, that they will recommit to our shared humanity as children of god

  11. For healing from an eating disorder that I’ve had pretty much my whole life and for my child who is exhibiting the same behavior

  12. For my mother and her husband as they transition into a new phase of life, and for his upcoming biopsy, that it may find no need for further surgery.

    And a prayer of thanksgiving for the end of a troublesome time in my own life.

  13. St. Francis Xavier and Jesus..Please heal my mom from a recent surgery, help my father in law who was diagnosed with early dementia, and heal my friend who had brain surgery to remove a tumor.
    Please pray for me as well as I look at new possible job opportunities. Open the door to what’s best for me. Thank you!

  14. For my health, physical and mental, that I can heal and be available for my children and grand children.
    For my oldest son as he seeks help yet again for his hernia problems.

  15. Dear Lord Thank you for the many favors received in past novenas’s.
    I ask St Francis to intercede that my son can be reunited with his children and that I can be reunited with my Grandchildren. I also pray for a resolution to my son’s legal problems.

  16. Please pray for me. I’m having a spinal tap done tomorrow around 1p.m. to remove some fluid to help relieve migraines and facial numbness. Also for my children, that they will start attending church, and whatever God has for them. Also for my issues with my back.

  17. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my father’s death. I pray in thanksgiving for his life, and the lives of my mom, my grandparents and other relatives gone ahead in faith — grateful for the faith, hope and love they gave as their lasting gifts to us in this generation.

  18. Saint Francis help me to find acceptance as I struggle to accept that community members and friends may not be seeing this pandemic the same way that I do. My soul has been shaken by people’s lack of concern for others and I struggle to accept this.

  19. St. Francis Xavier, I’d like to pray for my loneliness. Please bring a partner to my life to help me along the journey. Together we can bring forth your compassion and spirit to the community locally and globally. When two or more are gathered, there is love – I hope to spread it infectiously! In your name, I pray!

  20. My Lord, through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier please intercede for a successful surgery of my brother-in-law. I am also praying for protection from covid for my family. Praying also for the world to beat this pandemic. Thank you for the past favors and blessings.

  21. Dear God and St. Francis,
    I ask for forgiveness and healing from a broken relationship that happened many years ago. It was my fault and this wonderful individual deserved better treatment. I want this person to somehow know that I am heartily sorry. Please watch over this caring individual.

  22. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for prayers answered for my son. Please continue to bring him strength as he moves forward through such a difficult time.

  23. DearLord,
    Please help my son to find the joy in life that he so deserves. Help him to find strength in You…

  24. Bless my precious son and continue to bring him love, peace and the success he works to hard for… Thank you!

  25. Bless my precious husband who has been through so much! Please help him to have continued strength to live a life of joy and strength.

  26. Asking for healing for myself and those family members and friends who are I’ll or hurting. For my daughter having some very stressful financial issues. And for peace for Ukraine.

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