Annual Novena of Grace March 4-12

The St. Aloysius Novena of Grace, a long-standing tradition, continues in March with a theme of “Hope for Uncertain Times.”

March 4
The Lush Green Hills of Hope
Grace I pray for today: That within the terrain of my heart, I will find hope for these uncertain times.

March 5
Forgiveness, Allowing Hope to Emerge
Forgiveness inspires hope to emerge.

March 6
Hope Transforms
Drawing on the story of the Prodigal Son, we consider how hope calls us not simply to rearrange but to radically transform our way of living as individuals and communities as we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 7
Second Chances… New Beginnings at the Wellspring of Hope 
In uncertain times, may I draw from the resilient source deep within, the wellspring of my hope.

March 8
Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary 
Experiencing God through the little things in our ordinary lives.

March 9
Hope in Gratitude
How do our experiences of God’s love and mercy, especially in Eucharist and Reconciliation, fill us with gratitude and, in turn, hope?

March 10
Hope For and With the Next Generation
Moses instructs the people to teach their children and their children’s children. As we teach our next generation, let us also be open to what they have to teach us.

March 11
Hope for Unity
Jesus invites us to look towards unity and common action. How is Jesus calling us to see the Spirit bringing us together, rather than dividing us?

March 12
“… and grace will lead us home.”
I pray I am not far from God’s Kingdom of Hope!

Please note:

(1)  All Novena Masses will be at 7:00PM except for Sunday, March 7 (8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11AM).
(2)  All Novena Mass readings will be the proper readings for that day except for Sunday, March 7, which will use the lectionary readings for Year A.
(3)  We will pray the Novena prayer at all Masses including the 8AM daily Masses.
(4) Novena reflections and blessings with the St.FrancisXavier relic will be given at the 7PM Masses only and all three Masses on Sunday, March 7.
(5)  Parishioners will be able to submit Novena petitions at all Masses from March 4-11. These petitions will be read for the Prayers of the Faithful at the Novena Masses.

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